Neuco Image Group (with its subsidiary Ultrapac) is a leading manufacturer of Private Label Health and Beauty Care in Quebec and Canada. 

Since our establishment in 1992, Neuco Image Group (with its subsidiary Ultrapac) has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of Private Label Health
and Beauty Care in Quebec and Canada.  

In 2002, we obtained a license for manufacturing Pharmaceutical Category IV products and in 2005 we acquired the license for filling of Natural Health products.
This facilitated a stronger position to expand our contract filling services to include these specialized products in addition to our long standing private label turnkey

We are very proud of the large variety of quality products that we manufacture. Our knowledgeable team works together on every level, from initial concept, through
formula development, marketing research and package design, to manufacturing and distribution. We maintain high standards of quality control, customer service,
flexibility, experience and creativity. We continuously strive to remain a 100% service level supplier.

At Neuco Ultrapac, we offer a wide range of products designed to compete at a cost value that is essential to meet your specific needs.

contract filling &
natural health products

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